Mobility grants for early-career researchers 2020 (2023)

You should write your application in English, as the review panel that will assess your application is international. However, the popular science description must be written in Swedish, and the abstract should be in both Swedish and English.

All limits for the maximum number of characters refer to characters including spaces. We recommend that you choose the Arial font in font size 12 for the information you enter in all text boxes.

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Your application must include a clear description of the project under the following sections:

Basic information

  • Number of years for which the application applies
  • Estimated project duration
  • Project title in Swedish and English (maximum 200 characters each, including spaces)
  • Popular science description in Swedish (maximum 4,500 characters including spaces)
  • Abstract in Swedish and English (maximum 1,500 characters each, including spaces)

Research programme

  • Goals and objectives of the project, and a background description containing an overview of the research area (maximum 7,000 characters including spaces).
  • Project description, including structure, theory, methodology, implementation and a plan for publication in a scientific journal (maximum 15,000 characters including spaces).
  • Description of the potential societal benefit of the project and a plan for communicating the research and its results to stakeholders and end users (maximum 8,000 characters including spaces). Briefly describe the potential societal benefits of the research and the relevant stakeholders/users of the research. Please also describe how the research and its results will be communicated with the stakeholders. Support for addressing the communication criterion , 126.3 kB.
  • List the in-line references pertaining to the above sections in a separate field (maximum 5,000 characters including spaces).


Note that you should always write the budget and budget specification in English. Any Swedish budget specification will not be translated but will instead be assessed as is by the international review panel.

In Prisma, write out the total amount you are applying for in kronor using digits. For example, 1 million kronor should be written as: 1 000 000 kronor.

Information the budget should include

  • Salaries, including social security contributions for each project participant.
    You apply for funding to cover your own salary. Social security contributions should be included. Formas does not grant funding for annual salary increases. So, you can apply for funding for salaries that apply at the time of the application but not for funding to cover salary increases. For new job positions you must specify the starting salary at the administrating organisation. If you are already hired at the administrating organisation, you must specify the salary in effect at the time of the application submission. That salary will then apply to all subsequent years in the project.

    The amount you can be awarded for salaries must never exceed 100 percent of full-time employment. This also means that someone who is already receiving full salary funding from another funder cannot receive additional salary funding.

    (Video) COVID-19 Impacts on Early Career Trajectories and Mobility of Doctoral Graduates in Aotearoa, NZ

  • Percentage of salary
    Refers to the percentage of your full-time salary that corresponds to the salary in the project.
  • Activity level in the project
    Refers to the percentage of full-time service the applicant contributes. It indicates whether the applicant contributes in-kind services or other funding for completing the project.
  • Premises
    You can apply for funding to cover the cost of premises if this is not already included as overhead in the project’s budget. Specify premises costs in accordance with the applicable practices at the administrating organisation.
  • Total sought/subtotal
    Refers to costs already specified in the previous budget tables, and will be automatically transferred to these items.
  • Indirect costs
    When you specify the overhead costs in the application, do so according to the practice of the college, university or public administration that will manage the funds.
  • Other funds
    Refers to funds not sought but relevant to the completion of the project. An example is co-funding from partners. Also specify whether the project will receive funds from other sources.
  • Total cost
    Refers to a budget summary
  • Budget specification
    In your own words, explain the budget. Specify how the grant amount you are applying for will be distributed each year. Provide a brief justification for the salary expenses. A description of the total project budget, including funding from other sources, should also be included. The budget specification is part of the application assessment.

    Note that you should always write the budget and budget specification in English; any Swedish budget specification will not be translated but will instead be assessed as is by the international review panel.

Ethical considerations

Fill in only if relevant for completing the project. You must describe the relevant ethical issues and how they should be managed. Examples include research that uses personal data, or experiments on humans or animals. Read more about how to report ethical concerns External link..


Formas uses project classifications in analyses and supporting documentation on an overall level. The classifications are made when the applicant states the subject area, SCB codes and at least one sustainable development goal the project can contribute to.

  • Subject area
    Select the project’s subject area and add a sub-heading.
  • SCB code
    Select at least one SCB code with two sub-levels that together form the entire code.
  • Keywords
    Select at least one and a maximum of three keywords describing the project. Choose what best represents your project, even if it does not entirely match the field you work in.
  • Sustainable development goals
    Select a minimum of one and a maximum of three sustainable development goals (SDGs)Mobility grants for early-career researchers 2020 (3) External link. that best fit your project. The goal that is most relevant to the project should be stated in the first box. As the meaning of the goals is sometimes narrower than what the title indicates, please follow the link and read in more detail about the goal or goals you intend to specify to ensure that your project contributes towards achieving those particular goals.


You retrieve the information from your personal account in Prisma. Add the following CV information to the application.

(Video) Brainbox Initiative Webinar: Grant Writing for Early Career Scientists

  • Education: postgraduate, undergraduate and graduate level.
  • Professional experience: Current employment and major relevant prior positions (3 maximum). Include any significant gaps in research, such as parental leave, illness, military service or political duties.
  • Qualifications and merits:
    • Supervised students: For example, undergraduates. Specify the total number and name the most relevant ones (10 maximum).
    • Grants received in competition: Specify the most relevant ones (10 maximum).
    • Awards and distinctions: Specify the most relevant ones (10 maximum).
    • Other qualifications, including bibliometric indicators: Here you should summarise your bibliometric indicators (maximum 800 characters including spaces). This summary should include the following:

      1. The number of publications of various types, such as articles in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters, books and other monographs, conference papers and popular science contributions.
      2. Any other publication/citation specifications relevant to your research field. Under “Other qualifications,” you can list other qualifications that are relevant to the application, such as any popular science publications or proven experience of collaboration and research communication (10 maximum).

  • Intellectual property: For example, patents and open source software that you have developed (10 maximum).

List of publications

Here, you can specify up to ten of your most relevant publications. Note that the publications should be linked from your personal profile.


The following appendices must be attached to the application:

Appendix G. Description of how the project and research environment at the host and home organisations will help develop your expertise, as well as a travel plan. Template for Appendix G External link.

(Video) MCAA Croatia Chapter 2021 - Open Science for early career researchers (Maja Miše) 5/7

Appendix I. Copy of diploma or proof of completed PhD degree (maximum 4 MB). If you have not yet defended your thesis by the time the call closes, you must attach a certificate from your home organisation stating that you expect to receive your degree by 1 September 2020.

Appendix L. The invitation from the home and host organisations. This appendix must include an invitation from both the home organisation and the host organisation. The invitations should include a statement on the planned research and an assurance that the necessary facilities and resources will be made available. A maximum of one appendix (PDF) of 4 MB can be uploaded.

The following appendix can be uploaded if relevant for the application:

Appendix J. Illustrations. If you need figures, tables or images to describe the project, you can upload them as attachments here. A maximum of one appendix (PDF) of 4 MB can be uploaded.

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